Besan ke Ladoo | Indian Sweets

IMG_20170801_185758_HDR.jpgRakshbandhan 2017 Special

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Hello Everyone !! Hope You all are doing great. Here is My Rakhi Special Recipe Today

Make this Rakhi even more sweet and more special with these amazing home made “Beasn ke ladoo” stirred with love and warmth .
Beasn ke ladoo are always special to me as they are my brother’s favorite and also in childhood me my brother and my cousin brothers used to finish the entire box of ladoo within hours. Lots of memories are associated with this special sweet and no better day to make this. I wish I could actually parcel this to all my brothers. This Rakhi give your brothers an amazing homemade treat they deserve and also don’t forget to take loads and loads of gifts in return of all the hard work .

Stay Happy and Enjoy the best day with your best brother/sister


1. Besan (Gram flour) – 2 Cups
2. Ghee- 1 Cup
3. Powdered Sugar – 1 Cup
4. Cardamom Powder(ilaichi) – 1Tsp
5. Cashews – 5-6
6. Almonds – 5-6
7. Powdered Almonds – 1 Tbsp(Grind 5-6 almonds in a mixer/grinder)


Heat Ghee on medium flame , then add Gram Flour (besan) 2 cups and roast this on medium flame for 6-7 minutes. While roasting, keep stirring it or it will burn too easily. Once we start getting nice aroma and Flour starts to turn liquidy and get well combined with Ghee/oil , It’s the time when we know that flour is perfectly roasted. Now cool completely this .

After cooling the mixture we will add Powdered sugar, some cashews, almonds , cardamom and some crushed almond powder. Now mix everything together and make a nice mixture. Now take a small portion and make round shape ladoos. Top these yummy ladoos with some sliced almonds.

I hope you enjoy my this recipe . If you have any suggestions leave them below.

Thank You Readers !!






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