Spicy Pizza Bites

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IMG_20170630_195149_HDRHello food lovers !!
I hope you all are are fine and doing amazing. Today I bring to you my favorite “Spicy Pizza Bites” . Pizza Bites are actually made with a yummy Cheese Pizza , All we have to do is assemble a pizza of our favorite topping here I made a spicy saucy vegetable topping. And then cut that pizza into square bites and simply bake them. Each bite is so fulfilling and mouthwatering.
This is a perfect dish for the rainy evenings. A glass of chilled cold drink and a nice Book would make the evening awesome 🙂

So Now let’s get straight to the recipe –


1. Pizza Base-1
2. Chopped Onion-1
3. Chopped Capsicum-1
4. Tomato garlic Paste – 2 Tbsp
(Blanch 1 tomato with 5-6 garlic cloves and 1 dried red chili and some salt and make a paste)
5. Tomato Ketchup- 1 Tbsp
6. Mozzarella Cheese- 3-4 Tbsp
7. Oregano- 1 Tsp
8. Chili Flakes-1 tsp
9. Oil-1 tbsp
10. salt


Heat oil- 1 tbsp in a pan. Add Chopped onion and chopped capsicum. Saute for a minute on high flame. Now add Tomato Garlic Paste and Tomato ketchup and mix everything well. Now we will add some slat and chili flakes and saute the vegetables on high flame for 1 minute. The Spicy Pizza Topping is Ready.

Take a Pizza base and apply some butter on top. Now Spread the Pizza Topping we made evenly . Grate some mozzarella cheese on top and sprinkle some oregano. Now cut the Pizza in small Square bites.

BAKE : We will now bake the Pizza Bites in Microwave on Convection mode at 200 degree C temperature for about 8-10 minutes. We want the crust crunchy and Vegetables cooked and cheese melted.

Serve the Spicy Pizza Bites hot and make your evening awesome!!

Let’s add a little Spice !!

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Have a lovely Day Readers !!


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