Crispy Bread Cheese Cutlets

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IMG_20170626_102927_HDRHello Food Lovers !!
I hope your week is going great. To add extra goodness to your week I bring to you today, The Yummiest and Simplest Recipe of “Crispy Bread Cheese Cutlets” These cutlets are simply mouthwatering. And can be prepared very quickly.
Serve this with ketchup and Roasted Bread !!

Let’s Get Straight to the Recipe-


(This will make 10-12 medium size cutlets)
1. Boiled Potatoes – 3
2. Bread crumbs – 1 Cup (3 Bread slices grind in Mixer/blender)
3. Amul Cheese Cube-1
4. Onion-1
5. Chili flakes – 1 Tsp
6. Chat Masala – 1-2 tsp
7. salt
8. Fresh coriander leaves
9. Oil to fry


Take a mixing Bowl , Add Boiled Potatoes and Bread crumbs. I took 3 Boiled Potatoes and Bread Crumbs of 3 Breads. Bread crumbs can be easily made by simply grinding the bread in a mixer/grinder. Bread Crumbs has a nice binding tendency and also It adds crisp to the cutlets when Fried. Now add some finely chopped onion and grated processed cheese. Now We will add some seasonings. Add some salt, Chili Flakes, Chat Masala and some fresh green coriander leaves. Mix everything together.

So now when the mixture is prepared we will make balls and flatten them to give them a round cutlet shape.

Heat Oil in a frying Pan and Drop cutlets one by one. Fry the cutlets on medium flame till both sides get crispy and golden. Each will take 2-3 minutes to turn crispy on medium flame.

Serve this Amazing crispy Bread Cheese Cutlets with Green chutney Or Tomato Ketchup.

I hope You will enjoy my this Recipe 🙂 If you like to Watch My Recipe Videos You can Visit My You Tube Channel —

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