Chocolate Banana Smoothie

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Hello Foodies !!
I hope you all are doing great and enjoying the rainy season. To add extra Yumminess to this Monsoon I am going to share a yummy chocolatey “Choco Banana Smoothie” It’s very simple and very easy to make. All we have to do is Blend bananas , sugar , some ice-cream and chocolate sauce . And Yay our Yummy smoothie is Ready. . Add some grated chocolate on top to make it look even more tempting.


1. Banana-2
2. Milk- 200 ml
3. Sugar- 2 Tsp
4. Chocolate Syrup- 2-3 Tbsp
5. Vanilla Ice Cream – 1 cup
6. Some Chocolate for topping(I used dairy milk and milky bar)
NOTE :This will make 2 full glasses smoothie


Take a Blender, Take bananas, add Chilled milk, Chocolate sauce and Sugar to it. Also to give it a more creamy texture Add 1 cup of vanilla Ice Cream. Now Blend this Smooth. Chilled Chocolate banana Smoothie is ready.  Top this with some grated chocolate and Chocolate sauce on top.

I hope you will enjoy my this quick simple recipe of “Chocolate  Banana Smoothie”

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Have a lovely day Readers !!


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